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When you're looking for a cleaning company that can do it all, people have been calling Maid Naturally for years. You deserve a home you can relax in! Let us take care of all the weekly tasks so you can walk into a clean home. Come relax with your family in your home cleaned by the Spokane professionals at Maid Naturally! Not everyone likes to clean, but our team sure does! Get in touch today and let’s talk about your new affordable cleaning services. We would be honored to serve you.

Cleaning Estimate

Prior to all Maid Naturally service we will set up a time to walk through your home with you personally. This gives us critical understanding of your home and your needs.


You’d be surprised at what our cleaning company can get done in a single visit. Preparing for a party, having visitors coming to town, or just could use a break? We’ve got your back. You can count on our team at Maid Naturally to get by in a pinch.

Deep Cleaning

Our clients love what we can accomplish in a deep clean. Make a list for us; pantry, tops of cupboards, nooks and crannies. We will be the extra pair of hands you have always needed.

Spring Cleaning

Get the basics and beyond; Blinds, window tracks, ceiling fans, heating vents, inside of the fridge and oven ect. We’ll perform the tasks we would at a normal home cleaning visit and add in a few extra deep cleaning priorities. Let us know what you think needs attention and we’ll complete it.

Recurring Visits

We’ve found that the majority of Maid Naturally clients prefer to sign up for recurring home cleaning services. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, we’ll set up visits based on your needs so that you can take back your weekends!

In Spokane, we all know you have soccer, baseball, softball, band or other activities. Everyone will benefit from the services of Maid Naturally which makes it easier to focus on your work and family.

Did you know, that you can also request our team to help you to de-clutter? That’s right. Normally a part of residential cleaning services is ensuring that none of your belongings will be touched or moved. But if you’d like us to organize instead, we’re happy to. From putting clothing away to organizing your spice rack, it’s not a problem for the pros at Maid Naturally, however, let us know ahead of time if you can so we can adjust the schedule to make time for you.

Essential oil based Green Cleaning

From the beginning we felt the same way most of you do. We choose to use natural cleaning products in our home and we wanted to pass that along to you as well. We created our own line of Natural Cleaning products. That's right, Maid Naturally actually manufacturers all of the cleaning products we use in your house. You can see them all here. Plus, as a client, you get a discounted purchase price on all products. Call the office for more details. Amber would love to talk to you. 509-994-3685

A Homeowner’s Best Friend

Whether you’ve hired us for a single occasion or recurring services, you’ll soon find that Maid naturally is the secret weapon you never knew you needed. We’ve had the pleasure of helping lower the stress levels of thousands of clients and look forward to doing the same for so many more. Take back your weekend!

Give us a call today and help us help you!