Maid Naturally's Logo

Maid Naturally is a unique maid service created by friends Heather and Ruthanne. In 1996 we both moved to the Colbert area to go to Bible School, and in 1998 we both married our husbands, Nathan and Drew. Since then, we both have had kids and realized how important eating natural foods and cleaning with natural products are to building a healthy family. Founded in 2006 the Maid Naturally kids were just little at the time and into everything. They helped us mess things up so we could test the products we were creating. We have gone through several revisions of the look of the bottle, but the formulas have remained the same. Now the kids are older and our business is bigger! Today, the maid service employs 25 staff that service all of Spokane and surrounding area, and our own line of cleaning products are distributed to 25 states and sold nationwide through our online store. HERE

What You Will Love About Us

  • No Contracts
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • All Natural Cleaning Products (discounts apply)
  • Set teams and schedules
  • Guaranteed Cleanings by return service (next day)
  • Locally Owned

You'll meet with one of the owners who will come to your house and do a personalized estimate. We make notes about the house and layout, then create a detailed plan of action for the cleaning. You have the chance to ask questions and review pricing prior to any service, all with "No Contract". We expect to earn your business, with no strings attached. We can provide service every week, every other week or monthly. We also offer one time cleanings for parties or special events. We have taken all the precautions that you would expect from a reputable maid service company, like being fully licensed and bonded as well as insured. Our professionally trained staff are educated and knowledgeable on company policies and procedures to protect you as well as them. Take back your weekend! Just call us. We would be honored to serve you.
Heather and Ruthanne, Spokane, Washington.

The Vision of Maid Naturally is to build, strengthen and bring freedom to the home environment. Providing time, uniting families, fostering safe & healthy living through time honored values in our products and services. Within this context, we endeavor to bring back the community service and privilege of service to one another. Ultimately, we desire to honor God in our dealings with our customers, staff, our families and our finances. Ensuring quality of cleanings and personal care, and serving with honesty, trust and integrity. We expect to build and prove our trustworthiness to enter and work in a customer's private domain.