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Residential Cleaning in Spokane

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by a busy schedule and chores that seem to never be finished? Have you fallen behind on household cleaning and feel like you'll never catch up? Maid Naturally can help! Whether you need a one-time spring cleaning, clean-up after renovations or regular visits to keep your Spokane home spic and span, Maid Naturally is a service you can depend on. We recognize that each homeowner may have different expectations of how their Spokane living spaces are to be cleaned; we perform detailed interviews with you to make sure we always do the job right the first time. All of our professional housekeeping staff are bonded and insured to guarantee the safety of your home and your family. Maid Naturally is also dedicated to preserving the environment. We use some of the most environmentally friendly “green” housekeeping products on the market for everything from sanitizing the bathroom to laundry detergent and floor polish. We come fully prepared for each job in uniform and leave the house looking dazzling.

Cleaning Services We Provide

Move in/out

As a homeowner, apartment renter, or landlord, keeping a clean house is going to be a big part of your schedule. This becomes exceptionally important when you’re moving in, or moving out.

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Post Renovation Cleaning Services

When you’re planning everything else that’s involved in a renovation, it’s hard to work the cleanup in as well. With our years of experience, we’re always happy to make the process simpler.

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Residential Janitorial

When local homeowners on the hunt for a cleaning agency that can do it all, they’ve been calling Maid Naturally for years. A tried and true local establishment, our professional domestic cleaners enter and leave every assignment with honesty, integrity, and a skilled approach to get everything cleaner than you’ve ever seen it before!

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Scheduled Housekeeping

Need your house cleaned from top to bottom? We’re up for the job! You’d be surprised at all the nooks and crannies that will be spotless when we get through with them.

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Spring Cleaning

Well-trained and experienced, as well as fully licensed and bonded for your peace of mind, every member of the Maid Naturally cleanup team loves what they do, and it shows.

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Living area:

You deserve a home you can relax in! Let us take care of all the dirty work so you can come home to a clean place. Dust will be a thing of the past as we dust everything and get rid of it all!! We vacuum and hand-wash all floors and baseboards if requested. We have a full window service that we operate during the summer months if you like. Come relax with your family in your home cleaned by the Spokane professionals of Maid Naturally! We will be honor to serve you as your cleaning company Spokane.


We understand how the bathroom never seems to stay clean! There’s hard soap scum in the tub and calcium build up in the sink. Our abrasive cleaner does the job! The toilets will sparkle like never before. The tile and the tub will shine. Along with the abrasive cleaner, our all purpose cleaner takes care of the soap scum throughout the bathroom. The mirror will be streak free. (This may take a couple of cleanings due to the wax build up that conventional cleaners leave behind.) Last, we hand wash the floors and the baseboards. This will be a room that you can be proud of!!


The gathering place. It’s where life happens! We want this room to show how much you care for those you are closest to. We start from the top and work our way down to catch everything from the cobwebs on the ceiling to the smallest piece of food on the floor. We wash the cabinet fronts with our All Purpose Cleaner and wash the insides and reorganize them upon your request. We use Abrasive Cleaner in the sinks to make them shine and remove all the hard water stains. We wash the outside of your refrigerator, oven and stove. Upon your request, we deep clean those three and make sure they are ready to go. We wash the inside and outside of the microwave and toaster ovens. Then, hand wash the floors to get them as clean as they can be. We always put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher for you. If you want us to empty the dishwasher, please let us know. This room will be entertainment ready for your family or a big party.


At Maid Naturally, we want your bedroom to be welcoming after a long day of work. We use dusting spray, which has a warm cinnamon scent to it, to dust everything from your bed to the side tables. We wash the insides of your windows with glass cleaner. Your windows will be left streak free.

We vacuum your room or hand wash them if they are wood floors. Your bed will be the centerpiece of your room. We will wash your linens when they are left out and make your bed to perfection. We will spritz your sheets with Lavender Linen Water and turn down the sheets, so it’s ready for you to have a more restful night’s sleep.