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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

“Going green” has been a topic of interest for many years now. People all around the world are doing what they can to better care for your family and home environment. At Maid Naturally, we’re doing our part by offering green cleaning services.

As an Essential oil, all natural based cleaning company, we get questions all the time wondering if the natural cleaning materials we use do the job as well as their toxic counterparts? The answer is, yes, they definitely do. In fact, ours do a great job with less risk.

We also use Microfiber cloths in several areas of the home as well. The towels hold up over time and it reduces use of paper towels.

Our Team Love the Natural Cleaners too

The Maid Naturally staff are special to us. Most of our staff have families and we don't what them exposed to harsh chemicals, just as we didn't want that for our families. We manufacture our own line of cleaners right here in the Spokane Valley Valley office.

The Maid Naturally Advantage

Knowledgeable about each product we use in your home, guarantees we use the correct product on the correct surface. With our products and processes being tried and true, we are able to bring our clients the best service with the best products.

Knowing all the advantages that come with green house cleaning, it’s difficult to choose anything else. That’s what hundreds of our clients have come to realize.

Get in touch today, we’d be happy to provide a free estimate of services options for your home! We would be honored to serve you.