Post Renovation Cleaning in Colbert

So, you’ve saved up for that dream renovation you’ve been longing after ever since you bought your home. You’ve found the best contractor and build team, but did you consider who’s going to clean up when they’re finished?

Quite a few of our Colbert clients have assumed that the build team will handle all the cleanup. While many do, they tend to focus on the job as they go and when it comes to leaving they’d prefer to just finish up and head home to relax.

But that’s not very relaxing for you, is it? You could be finding stains, sawdust patches, and stray nails for weeks after. We can help make sure this isn’t the case.

A Dedicated Team

The Maid Naturally team is dedicated to every project that we come across. All fully licensed, bonded, and insured, every new member of our post construction cleanup family is well trained and truly love the work they do.

We’ve come to be known in Colbert for our consistent focus on customer satisfaction and respectful way of working.

You’ll never have to worry about accidental breakage or unprofessional behavior when you hire Maid Naturally for our post-construction cleaning services.

We’ll Do it All

No matter how large or small the renovation was, we can meet all your needs when it comes to cleanup. When it comes to professional house cleaning after construction, attention to detail is important, and we have exactly that.

  • Sawdust and plaster dust
  • Paint and glue stains
  • Window cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning

We’ll do it all, and more. All those tricky areas are easy when you have the experience and proper tools for the job.

In-Home Estimates

Don’t worry about coming to us, we’ll come to you! When you call to book a free consultation, we’ll arrive at your home within 48 hours to take a look at the space that is currently being renovated or will be renovated.

Speaking with your contractor about the timeframe, we’ll be able to ensure a speedy cleanup so that you don’t have to wait around in a mess while that beautiful renovation is just waiting there not benefiting anyone.

Why Hire the Pros

Construction site cleanup is one of the harder jobs out there when it comes to cleaning, so it is always better to hire professionals instead of tackling it yourself.

When we arrive at your home we’ll come fully equipped with tools and eco-friendly cleaning products that can really get the job done.

All those hard-to-reach spots and difficult stains will be cleaned until they’re spotless, without a fight.

New Construction Cleanup With Quality

At Maid Naturally we pride ourselves in being one of the best there is when it comes to construction site cleaning services in Colbert.

Not only are we fast, we offer competitive pricing, and can carry out small or large scale jobs flawlessly.

When we clean your floors, you really could eat off of them.

Give our dedicated team a call today, and let’s plan the final step of your renovation!